The NW Women's Show May 01 2014

A few weeks ago, Kyle and I had the privilege of attending Seattle's NW Women's Show. We were both thrilled to be vendors at a show that was filled with energy, new products, and attendees from all over Washington state. The show was a place of discovery, where women could find products that were inventive and new to the market. 


Putting together a booth for a trade-show is a ton of work. Kyle and I designed nearly everything you see below. Our booth featured informational posters, clean lighting to make our product pop, adorable chest of drawers to hold all of our product, and even a wood floor. 



In addition, NW Women's Show offered an incredible array of shows and seminars. Everything from business 101 to how to sell soap. My favorite part of the show had to be the Drag Show, featuring the cast from Le Faux. The costumes were incredible, the music was vivacious, and the audience was on their feet with excitement. I highly recommend checking out the Le Faux show if you were unable to attend the NW Women's Show. I've included a few snapshots of the excitement below: 




Here are a few quick tips for making the most out of the NW Women's Show:

  1. Get there early - Make sure that you plan your schedule so that you can arrive early. There are events throughout the day that you don't want to miss. 
  2. Make a budget - Before you attend the show, make yourself a little budget for splurges. This show has all kinds of neat products, food items, services, and even places to stay. Give yourself a budget so that you can feel free to treat yourself without over indulging. 
  3. Come back on Sunday - Was there an item that you really wanted, but weren't sure about? Come back on Sunday to revisit the vendors to learn more. The second reason to come back on Sunday is to check out the Salvation Army section. They were offering 50% off all products, including designer purses! Oh-la-la!