Sports Bra with a Pocket February 11 2015

Since the first day of JoeyBra, our customers have been begging for a Sports Bra! This past year, we developed our first edition for the JoeyBra Sport! We will soon be introducing our next generation of sports bras; however, we wanted to show you all of the incredible ways that people are using their current JoeyBra! 

Running at Green Lake has always been a favorite past time for Seattle dwellers. Whether you are carrying your ID, iPod, or key, the JoeyBra is a perfect way to keep your hands free! 

The black with a black zipper sports bra combination is truly unique! The hidden pocket is do discrete, yet it's very accessible! 

Looking out over Seattle's waterfront is the definition of tranquility. Our sports bra will offer you peace of mind for all of your small valuables. 

Beautiful, sleek, and stylish? Yes! With fully adjustable straps, the JoeyBra will fit you throughout your journey. 

Now is your chance to snag this generation of JoeyBra!