What fits in a JoeyBra?

  • The JoeyBra Fashion can store a phone, credit card, spare cash ID, key, or any other small item.
  • The JoeyBra Sport can store a phone, ID, credit card, key, or other small items.

What should I do if the bra doesn't fit?

  • Simply exchange it for the right size by following our instructions for returns.
  • Orders without a RMA return will not be refunded or returned. Our warehouse does not process these orders unfortunately. 

How do I return my JoeyBra?

 Why would I want a JoeyBra?

  • Do you frequently travel, run, or attend events where a purse isn’t convenient? The JoeyBra allows you to carry your valuables with you while you are on the go. JoeyBra aims to provide a secure, discrete, and fashionable solution.

How many pockets does the JoeyBra have?

  • Fashion bra: two pockets
  • Sports Bra: two zippered pockets

Do I have to worry about my items getting wet?

  • The Sports Bra pockets are lined with a water-resistant liner that will protect your items from sweat & water damage.

How water-resistant is the sports bra pocket?

  • The pocket endures normal conditions of sweat or harsh weather. We do not recommend submerging the pocket in water when electronics are inside. JoeyBra is not liable for any items that undergo water damage.