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I confess. I am a workout junkie. From lifting weights to HIIT training or running, I am constantly trying to improve myself. I was recently introduced to a great new sports bra as well as their pocketed traditional bra designed by JoeyBra.

Considering I spend most of my day in a sports bra, I could not wait to take it for a test run. In the past, I usually would double knot tie my house key along my shoe and carry my license in my hand while running. Talk about inconvenience.

Upon trying on the JoeyBra, I was instantly impressed. The bra was comfortable and supportive in all the proper places. There are zippered pockets easily accessible on each side that are equipped with a waterproof liner. No need to worry about your sweat ruining anything you are storing inside. I headed out the door and put my key and license in one pocket and my iPod in the other. Having my iPod in the pocket enabled me to shorten the distance between the headphones and the player, eliminating the extra wire continually flopping around while running. I was able to enjoy my run without having to constantly look down to make sure my shoelace was still tied holding my key. I completed my run with ease and comfort. I didn’t feel my key or license in the pockets while running and my arms were swinging back and forth. Upon coming home, I took out my items from the pockets and they were completely dry thanks to the liners...(Read more)



A new student-run startup has come up with a "sexy, yet functional pocketed bra." Finally. (Read more)


"Genius solution"

Going out for a night on the town can be so inconvenient for women. Not only does it take hours to get ready, we’re faced with the struggle about where to place our keys, debit cards, IDs and that annoying iPhone once we’re all dressed up and ready go. Some ladies are lucky enough to have generous boyfriends whom offer their pockets to hold all this stuff, but for all the single ladies – and those who are afraid of their men wandering off with these crucial items – the problem persists. Carrying a purse is often cumbersome, and can also be a signal for criminals late at night. (Read more)

"Gives women options"

We have all fallen victim to the pocketless dresses and even the dress pants with fake pockets. However, Kyle and Mariah, two students at the University of Washington, decided to create a way to give women options, free their hands, and let them party without worrying about a purse getting stolen. (Read more)


"Genius New Bra Hides iPhone And Other Valuables"

For every woman who's ever stuffed an iPhone into her bra for safekeeping on the dance floor, here's the cue to kick yourself: Turns out a pair college students have now patented the concept.

Dubbed the JoeyBra, the push-up bra comes with under-arm pockets perfect for stowing valuables like smartphones, keys, and credit cards. (read more)


New Day NW awards JoeyBra with "Most innovative accessory"

 (Read more)



The Today Show says, "You may want to slip into the JoeyBra." 

I adore a simple summer sundress, but one problem? They often have no pockets! And since wrist pouches, fanny packs and bulky iron-on inserts won't cut it for most warm-weather activities, you may want to slip into the Joey Bra, which features functional mesh pockets on each side, perfect for keys, credit card, ID and other small items. The patented design is discrete, fully supportive, and won't shift around, even when the pocket is full for hands-free fun in the sun. (Read more). 


Geekwire says, "Things are hoppin' for JoeyBra."

Things are hoppin’ for JoeyBra, the company behind the brassieres designed to carry a smartphone.

The two-person startup was well-received when it debuted last year to initial success, but then went through a long-winded patent court case regarding the specially-designed bra. (Read more)



Dig Magazine

DIG says, "You’ve probably been in this situation…"

You’re heading out to a party, charity event, nightclub or hot date for the evening. You’ve slipped into your favorite little black dress and you’re about to grab your purse when suddenly you realize “What am I going to do with this thing the whole night?” How can you dance and truly enjoy your time with a purse strapped to you? So what’s a gal supposed to do with her cell phone, credit cards, ID, and/or cash? (Read more)


Geeks Are Sexy - Tech, Science & Social News

I have been wanting — no, needing — a product like this for forever…why didn’t I think of this first?!

I go to concerts. Lots of them. I also work out 4-5 times a week. Not to mention, I attend conventions, often in costume, where carrying a purse can ruin the look. I cannot tell you how EXCITED I was when my mother (of all people) showed me the JoeyBra! (Read more)



Mashable says, "A night out dancing is always so much better when you don't have to hang on to a clunky purse."

College girls want to avoid carrying items to parties at all costs. Two Washington college students have created a pushup bra specifically for carrying a smartphone, credit cards, IDs, money and keys. The JoeyBra features a pouch on the left side of the bra underneath a woman's left armpit. The creators compared the pouch to a kangaroo's. A phone and other small items easily fit into the pocket and can be covered by clothing. (Read more)


Running with Ollie

Running with Ollie says, "It's perfect" 

We went for a short run around the neighborhood. The JoeyBra is comfortable, structured, supportive, and cute, with black quick-drying fabric and pink contrast zippers. It felt good on my run, it had the same support and comfort that I would expect from my traditional sports bras. It was perfect. I ran about three miles during my run and the JoeyBra did its job and kept my things safe and secure, exactly as promised. Now I will never have to relive that time I tied my car key to my shoe laces on a run in the park and my shoe laces came untied. Yes, that really happened. (Read more)


Macaroni Kid

Macaroni Kid says, "It didn't feel bulky." 

I was so excited to have the chance to review the Joey Bra. I tried out the sports bra which came in handy when I ran a 5K and had no one to hold my license and car key. I put them easily in the zipper pocket on the side of the bra and didn't worry about them again. It didn't feel bulky at all and the zipper pocket was very easy to access. The pocket is waterproof, too! Thank you Joey Bra! (Read more)


Trustworthy Reviews: Let the Truth Prevail 

Trustworthy says, "You can wear it anytime and place you like." 

The Joey Bra Fashion has a comfortable fit and design so you can wear it anytime and place you like and with any outfit and occasion. The JoeyBra Fashion features a unique design that allows you to hold most cellphones, ID, key, and other small items regardless of bust size. Even if you have a lot of items to keep it will still not alter the way your bra fits you. Your bra will fit you perfectly whether you have a number of items kept in the pocket or not. When the pocket is empty, our patent pending design will make the bra look exactly like any other bra which means you can wear it night or day. (Read more)


Lingerie Addict

Lingerie Addict says, "Comfortable, and the appearance under a tee was smooth and well proportioned."

I received two samples for review, one in Black and one in Snow Leopard.  They were fairly basic in construction with underwire, padding, and mesh wings.  I’m a standard size and found the fit to be fine and comfortable, and the appearance under a tee was smooth and well proportioned.  My cash, cards, and keys fit easily in the side pockets, and my iphone fit securely (but visibly–sadly, a bra can’t actually perform miracles on big phones).  For the great price of e $29.99, I was not expecting design complexity or an unusually elevated choice of fabric–nor are these things what I would need in a bra that would probably get a cocktail spilled on it anyway. (Read more)



Eastside fashion - Bellevue's Guilty Pleasure

Eastside Fashion says, "Best fashion invention in a while."

So, how many times have you wished you had more pockets or when you're out at night and don't know where to put your phone or key? Well, Thank the Fashions Gods for the people who created the JoeyBra. Recently, JoeyBra contacted me and sent me a JoeyBra to try out and review for you dolls!  Let me tell you, the JoeyBra Fashion Bra is absolutely fantastic. It functions just as well as any other regular bra fit and has great support! What makes this product unique are the pockets. I love not feeling obligated to carry a purse or a clutch when planning for a night out on the town. It's one less item for me to keep track of. You can put in the JoeyBra pockets your license, credit cards, phones, etc. Best fashion invention in a while. Definitely a must-have! Especially for the New Year! (Read more).